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J&R McCracken | Pumps

J&R McCracken are one of the largest suppliers of pumps and pump equipment in the Bundaberg and Wide Bay area. Our showroom has a massive selection of both Onga & Grundfos pumps for you to come and look at and discuss.


Pumps can be used in various capacities and our friendly team are happy to discuss your needs from the basic pumps needed for pools and tanks in a domestic setting right through to larger more complex pumps and systems.


We can advise you on what capacity pump you need and with our many years supplying the biggest brands in the industry we can also make sure that your warranty is valid and do any service and maintenance required.  We also can install pumps if required.

J&R McCrackens Most Popular Pumps:

ONGA SF750 - 1HP


StaRite SilentFlo is the swimming pool pump for high quality pool installations. With its industry leading efficiency, it lowers the total cost of pool ownership, while extremely low noise levels improves your outdoor living.

The SilentFlo benefits from being moulded from a proprietary thermoplastic, reinforced with glass fibres to give ultimate strength. Each pump in the range has a motor with a high protection rating and is underloaded for long life. 

Strength, long life and efficiency all keep the costs of being a pool owner down.

And, even better, low noise means you can run this pump at night without angry neighbours.



The SMHP range provides solutions for average sized homes right up to the largest applications. With a highly efficient and super-quiet design, SMHP pressure systems are the perfect match for your rainwater tank. The exclusive Dry Run Operating Protection (D.R.O.P.) system prevents costly pump damage. Constructed of engineered plastics and stainless steel, these pumps are made to last and last.

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The basic CR pump range, which can be applied in almost any industrial solution, is already in itself the broadest range available. Through our modular approach, we have made it even broader.

The basic CR pump range is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel, and all-titanium. There are eleven flow sizes, capable of producing up to almost 50 bar of pressure, and with a variety of shaft seals, rubber materials and supply voltages.

Pump parts which are typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or particularly demanding operating conditions can be optimised for their purpose and designed for specific requirements.



The Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming is a compact booster pump designed for domesticand light industrial use. The booster unit consists of a robust multistage centrifugal pump and a generator friendly PM1 or PM2 Pressure Manager.The Pressure Manager allows the pump to startand stop automatically according to demand andprotects the pump from dry running. The CM Booster Self-Priming is the perfect solution if you are struggling with insufficient mains pressure,and can also be used with above or below groundwater sources.

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