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J&R McCracken | Irrigation

Irrigators are the lifeblood of farming and agriculture and with this industry playing such a large part in the Bundaberg community, creating thousands or jobs and injecting many dollars into the local economy, J&R McCracken are proud to have been helping Bundaberg and the wider community, farmers and food producers with their irrigation needs for over 50 years. 


J&R McCracken are the largest suppliers of irrigators in the Bundaberg and Wide Bay area. We have access to marketing leading products, we can manufacture specific requirements in our workshop and we service and warranty what we sell.


You can be confident when you deal with J&R McCracken that you are dealing with people who understand what you need. Some of our staff have been dealing in irrigation solutions for over 30 years and can help you ensure that you get the best product for your solution at a competitive price.

J&R McCrackens Most Popular Irrigators:



Whether it’s said over coffee at their favorite diner or at the dinner table, Valley® growers call the 8000 series center pivot the “Cadillac” of the pivot industry. It doesn’t matter if your field is large or small, you can rely on our 8000 series pivot to help you manage your farming operation and give you something positive to talk about.

New: Valley is offering new pivot point riser and lower elbow options. Now you have the option to integrate a Seametrics Flowmeter or Nelson Valve into the riser pipe, helping you meet regulatory or management needs in a compact installation. And, you can also choose a Clemons filter option instead of a lower elbow to ensure debris in your irrigation water doesn’t plug your sprinklers, giving you consistent water application throughout the growing season.



Efficient Trailco patented piston drive, with virtually no pressure loss through the drive system, giving you big savings on your yearly pumping costs. Less maintenance, no sprockets and chains to wear, no gear boxes, belts or pulleys to malfunction.

Drive Unit having large powerful double action piston and a mechanically actuated valve (All Gunmetal & Stainless Steel construction). Single Main valve with no pilot and shut off valves, that gives you simple, trouble free and reliable operation. The piston is double acting, giving positive power with each stroke of the piston (no lost motion) ensuring that all of the power developed is used to power the cable drum. Also provides a wide range of travel speeds to suit your particular crop water requirements.

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